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What did this warrior do today as a conscious act of peace?

For some time now I’ve had a daily practice of finding a quite time, even if its only for a few second to connect back to the peace in me, I truly deeply believe that everything begins and ends with our self, so we need to bring everything back to us, and go within to find our equilibrium, peace, love and wisdom. Ive upped the anti on this as part of my challenge and I am making even more of a conscious choice to connect to the peace within me.

I’ve been sharing with everyone what I’m up to, I want to make my challenge public knowledge so I’ll be kept accountable, or reminded if I start to go astray. 

One of the ladies who came to my sewing class this afternoon is French, she was born in Paris,  and brought up there, clearly the events of the past few days have shocked her. It was good to tell her of our challenge especially when she was touched and thankful for our efforts, so already what we are up to has positively impacted someone, how many more people can be positively impacted?

Today the Warrior re-cap was all about being balance. It was a great reminder, what I’m seeing is that everything comes naturally to us when we’re in balance, and everything is difficult when we’re not. Going inside, or looking inside our self is what will bring us back to that place of balance. It’s really hard to see our way forward sometimes, when events and circumstances outside of us are difficult to make sense of and they confuse us. We need to find our way to stay out of the story, from there our minds are clear and our actions will be of service to both ourselves and to others, from within our convoluted stories we are lost soles who become part of the problem and not the solution.

“All we are is peace love and wisdom with the power to create the illusion we are not”  Jack Pransky.


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