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Have you ever felt insecure? I know I have. I have also spent a lot of time trying to make sure that I had all the ‘right’ things in my life so I had security. Have you tried that too?

Well I have some news for you that it’s likely nobody told you before and if they did you probably didn’t realise the truth and implications of what they were saying.

You can’t create security ~ nobody can, it simply doesn’t work that way.

 Security is innate.

That means you were born with it you already have it and nothing or nobody can ever take it away from you.

Security doesn’t come from money.

Security doesn’t come other people.

Security doesn’t come from things.

Security doesn’t come from good health.

The only place that security ever comes from is within you it’s always there, but here’s the thing…we are also thinkers and we can think a thought and believe it to be true and BINGO… it becomes our reality. Just like that in a nano second.

Insecure thought = insecure reality

But it’s not all bad here comes the good part ~ thought comes to us because we are the creative essence of the universe that is what you and me are made from. As soon as we stop thinking we are insecure we are back to our default of security. Security is built into us. And it gets better although we may still have an insecure thought (we can’t control our thinking) we don’t ever have to believe that thinking again…not ever.

I sooooo wish someone had told me that years ago.

It would have saved me lots of heartache and pain.

‘That’s all very well’ I hear you say ‘but what does this mean in real terms, in my life, how does that make any difference to me Debra?

And are you sure?

First off yes I’m more than sure I’m certain in fact. But please don’t take my word for it look for yourself and see what you see.

Here’s an example… when my son was small he had a teddy bear and an old t-shirt of his dads that he used to like holding onto.

When we put him to bed at night if he hadn’t got his teddy and t-shirt there would be no getting him to settle at all.

But as soon as he was tucked up with them he would go to sleep.

He felt secure when he had them and insecure without them.

Now we all know that security doesn’t come from a teddy bear or an old t-shirt. But my son never saw that to him it felt as if his security did come from those things.

As we get older the teddy and the t-shirt are replaced by other people and money and houses and health… we begin to think we are not safe without these things. We are like my son, we simply don’t see that security doesn’t come from these things.

But the truth is security can’t jump from a teddy bear or a car or another person into you.

If you have ever felt secure in your life, and I’m pretty sure you have, then the only place it could have come from is the creative essence of the universe that is within you.

When we have a feeling of insecurity it’s because we are having insecure thinking passing through our system and when that thinking lands in our head it looks real and true to us, we are feeling that thought. ~ That’s it that’s all that ever happens when we feel anything. If we know this is what’s happening we see there’s nothing we need to do about it. The thought will pass through and we will be back to feeling secure in no time.

If on the other hand we don’t realise this is whats going on, the insecure feeling will have us on a wild goose chase trying to sort out our life so we can feel secure again.

The difference that knowing makes is that as we begin to see that we always have security within us then it starts to be more obvious to us, it shows up for us in places we never expected to feel it.

There’s nothing we have to do but see that we have it and then the magic of the system that we are a part of…the intelligent creative essence of the universe…kicks in and life expands to meet our new understanding.

It might be fun to notice where you are insecure and see what you have used as your ‘teddy bear’

Please feel free to comment or ask questions….

Heaps of love Debs xxx



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