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Since 2011 when I came across the three principles I have known that all I wanted to do is share what I have found to be true and what helped me to begin to live from a place of love and understanding instead of living from a constant feeling of fear.

I was very lucky that the principles were my first delve into the spiritual nature of the human experience. The simplicity of them blew my mind. I loved what happened to me. My life changed in ways that I could never have believed to be possible.

Although it hasn’t always been easy to stick to my conviction to share this understanding, I’ve had moments of complete despair, money has been tight more often than I care to remember and I have doubted myself on many occasions, certainly feeling that I was not ready, didn’t know enough and really shouldn’t be doing this. But here I am in 2017 still doing just that, sharing what I know to be true and making a difference in peoples lives. I feel very blessed.

I love watching people see the truth of their experience and begin to live healthy happy lives.

I love where my life has taken me and that my understanding has shown me that in spite of lots of crazy thinking I can keep doing what I want to do and love to do.

On more than one occasion people have said to me ‘you should write a book’ I have indeed started and abandoned this project many times.

I was on face book yesterday and I read a blog post shared by my lovely friend Jill Whalen by a lady named Gayle Nobel. I have never met and don’t know Gayle at all. In fact before I read her blog post I had never even heard of her.

She is doing a program with Michael Neill, called creating the impossible and has taken on the challenge to write and publish a book in 90 days.

Although I am not on this program and I don’t know Gayle I am going to do the same, challenge myself to create the impossible to write and publish a book in 90 days.

Simply having written this blog post my thinking has gone into over drive ~ don’t do this, it’s not a good time, you have a wedding to make dresses for, you are far too busy, you’ve tried this before you will fail. And so my mind goes on…

Maybe I will succeed maybe I won’t but I love that I don’t have to feel ready and I don’t have to listen to any of my thinking, it will pass soon enough.

Today is a new day and I can start anything from here that I want to, ready or not… In 90 days it will be the 7th May. Lets see what happens.


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