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What a day to remember.   Remember how fragile life can be.  To remember how suddenly and easily life can change and go in a completely different direction.   We can find ourselves on a path going forward (or not) in a way we can never have imagined.  Certainly not a way in which we ever “thought” for ourselves.  Who thinks about going to War and dying as a choice, particularly fighting for a rightness which is not our own.  Why would we choose to go to War, to put ourselves in danger, to fill our heads with thoughts of what might be if we didn’t defend ourselves. 

Today Armistice Day, we think of all those people who lost their lives, fighting for what they believed was right, or were told what was right.  Who’s right?  Aren’t we all right?  Aren’t we given the ability to create our own individual right?  What choice they! What control they!

Recently perusing Roll of Honour in which my Uncle (I never ever met him) was mentioned.  He joined the Army believing in the power of defence, defence of a rightness that only existed in the minds of those who made it up.  A rightness, a righteousness, and moral story made up by those in power.  The desire to be right appears to have been more than the desire to be at peace.  That’s how Wars start.

When we see that it is more important to us to have peace of mind, we can “give up” the desire to be right?  Why would we choose to be right in favour of being at peace and experiencing joy and happiness?  Why be at War with ourselves?



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