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So just how do you convince your beautiful daughter of her beauty and loveliness?  How do you convince your husband, there is another way, there is no need to be stuck doing something you hate?  How do you convince your father in law that it is ok to ask for help and its ok not to be ok?  How do you convince your friend that being moody is part of the deal of being a human and being moody is just humanness personified?

All these questions can be answered quite simply.  You Don’t!  NO that’s right you don’t, you can’t and there is no need for YOU to be doing anything about any of that.  Ok its sounds selfish.  It sounds very much like it’s coming from the “You couldn’t give a kipper about your family and friends could you?” brigade.  If you loved them you would care, but the honest to goodness truth is, it’s just not your job to fix and change anything

Let me explain.  We have all been there haven’t we?  We look in the mirror and we just do not see our own beauty and loveliness.  You look at your partner/husband/wife and see their struggle and feel their pain.   You look at your parents and think Oh No I don’t want to get old.  I don’t want to be dependent on anyone. I am going to look after my own bits thank you very much!!!  We all have friends you can sympathise and empathise with because you have felt that way too.   Having had all those thoughts and feelings, it is “only natural” that you would want to try and help and hopefully change things for others, just like you have expected others to change things for you.  However the biggest and bestest thing I have come to love and adore about the inside-out understanding of how we create our human experience is, I don’t need anything or anyone to be a certain way or do certain things for me to be OK.  And the most bestest and loveliest and most adoreable thing is, when you realise that neither do they!  All we ever have to do is understand that we are whole and complete and have everything – and I mean EVERYTHING –  we need to thrive and succeed and be the human beings we need to be and not the human “doings” we think we should be.

In the bad old days when I was searching and searching for my spirituality.  Looking for my soul purpose; trying to “find myself”;  I was convinced that it was all “out there”.  I used to believe that the Universe was something I had to align with, something I had to appease in order to achieve and get what I desired.  I had to “attract” what I believed I was lacking in my life, and certain rituals and appeasements would help me to attain the highest possible spiritual plain I could find myself on.  Once I got “there” I had done it, and I would have reached the pinnacle of life.   I would know my purpose and achieve great things.  I never got there. 

Then one day I “heard” that there was no trying, no doing and that I was already spiritual, no matter what my head of thoughts and my physical body was telling me.    Spirituality is part of what is creating my human experience.  I could not have any experience without it.  That universal spiritual creative intelligence I had believed was out there, was in fact part of me and all around me always and forever.  The me I thought I was, was just my created reality.  There is no me in truth.  The truth of who I am was indeed that universal spiritual essence I had been seeking.  This felt so freeing and almost unbelievable and yet at the same time I recognised the truth of it.  I began to see that being human was just a game we could all play with and enjoy.  The highs and lows we experience are all part of the game.  I am whole complete and lack nothing.  I am beauty, I am not stuck, I am not my old and frail body, I am not that mardy moody moo.  But bestest of all neither are you.  Go play.

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