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Now what can that possibly mean?
Well I was thinking – as humans do- about it coming to the end of the summer “season” here in sunny Devon, and how some things start to wind down and close up for the winter.  Certainly in my memory as a child, seaside towns and villages were a no go area during the Winter months.

As I was thinking this, I began to see how we can think it’s not right to be looking to buy seaside rock in the winter, and then, that we can just as easily get caught up in not doing something we want to do, because it “doesn’t seem right”.

So what stops us?  

For me in the past, I have failed to act on my instinct because I had a head full of thinking about how I would be perceived, whether I would be judged, or whether I would succeed.

It would appear that we tend to have our beliefs; stick to routine – nice safe routine – from which place we believe our security and happiness comes from.
If we feel safe = we are safe.
I also see how some people get afraid and fearful when routine is disturbed, giving a feeling of insecurity, and fearing the unknown.

However, since understanding how we create our human experience, via the gift of thought, I can also see that our security and happiness does not come from the safety of routine and wanting things to be a certain way.  They do not come from things being a certain way, or having certain things in place.   We are born with everything need to survive, thrive and succeed!  Believing that we can only buy seaside rock in the summer is just a thought believed, one of those things we only do at certain times.   Experiencing the taste of rock in the winter is not wrong, it’s just outside our belief that it is the only time we can experience it.   Just like the thought that we can only be good at, or do things we are comfortable with, perhaps believing that we are not capable or it will feel uncomfortable to do something outside of our perceived capabilities.   At our core we are the creative intelligence of the universe with access to infinite creative possibilities.  How can eating rock in the winter possibly not be possible!

Just because that’s the way it’s always been, never be afraid to try and step out of the box and do and be something.  Knowing that we have everything we need within us to get us through every eventuality, frees us up to just be.  To see every new situation as a challenge, or see it as a way of learning.  Being afraid of eating rock in the winter, or trying something we are not familiar with will not result in some awful outcome, but can give us the opportunity to have a fresh experience, and to learn and grow as humans.

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