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I have recently really seen the benefit and felt the wisdom in reminding myself of the truth of who I truly am. 

Here I am on a daily basis in conversation with my colleagues and clients about the Three Principles – mind thought and consciousness.  This explanation of how I create my human experience, moment to moment.

I am constantly being reminded of my true self just by the very nature of the job I now do as a team member of Dare2BU.


It took a long time for me to “find myself” after many spiritual quests and practices where I sought my spiritual self, my higher self, outside of me.   It felt like it was some place I had to see, feel and be aware of, and most definitely something that I had to reach or attain.  I sort of knew it was an untouchable and ethereal “thing”, but in order to do that I had to meditate and be in a certain place to attain it.  Certain conditions outside of me had to exist in order for me to reach this higher plane.  My Higher self, my true self.

So then it was always a bit of a rude awakening when after a lengthy session of meditation and talks of higher dimensions, the oneness of life and trying to reach that ultimate place of peace and serenity, to come back home and be in the “real” world.   You know the sort of thing, it involves wet fish and the slapping of the face. It was a real shock to the system to find I could not maintain that peaceful and serene feeling.   I could never understand why people were still the same with me, couldn’t they see I was highly spiritual and serene and peaceful!!

What a joke, the cosmos joke of course.

Now I truly see the “real” me.  The “unmade up me”.  The truth of who I am.

Spirituality is not something we have to attain. We are spiritual.  Spiritual beings at our core, having this amazing human experience.

As humans we sign up for the full monty.  The full plethora of feelings and emotions.  So it was the most amazing realisation when the insight that I had showed me my truth. 

Showed me that this time I am in this body, here in this touchable, feeling, crazy world we humans inhabit is just an experience, created via the gift of thought.  The system that creates this reality outside of ourselves, cannot ever, never ever, take away my true self, my Higher self, my spiritual self, whatever wordy metaphor you want to use for it.  Now isn’t that just amazing too!

Just knowing that peacefulness, that serenity, that feeling of calm its always there, it never goes anywhere and there is no need for me to go anywhere or be a certain way in order to have it.  Just the knowing is enough.  I am enough. We are all enough. Always.

So when I start to believe the thought having a certain amount of money rules my life,  is imperative to my happiness and contentment.  Or that my relationship has to be a certain way in order for me to be ok.  Or I have to have certain possessions in order to feel good.  I can so easily remind myself of my truth.  It sometimes takes a while to come around to that peace and serenity, but just knowing its there somehow makes life so much easier. 


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