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Now, I  have been known to wear my leggings on back to front or even my top or cardigan on inside out; but what is all this about when we say we live our lives from the inside out.

It brought to mind something I heard at our recent conference.  I had been listening to a talk by one of our amazing speakers, Nick Bottini.   The story went something like this.  A man had recently sculpted a beautiful angel.  He was then asked how he had managed to create such an amazing piece of art from a lump of marble.  The sculptor’s reply was, that he didn’t!  He had not created the angel, he had seen a vision of the angel within the lump of marble and merely chipped away the unnecessary pieces!  I was blown away by this.

It reminded that the truth of who we are  is always within us and cannot be damaged or harmed.  We get so caught up on the belief that what we are seeing and hearing ‘out there’ is real and true.   That circumstances can they can affect that truth.

We are at our core pure love and peace and wisdom, with the ability to create the illusion that we are not.  We are the creative intelligence of the universe.

The truth is we cannot be affected by outside circumstances unless we have the idea that, they can hurt us.  It can so look like life is doing something TO you.  We can get caught out believing by thinking and believing we are not good enough and incapable of going out and being something in the world.  The reality is however that you can simply never NOT be the creative intelligent essence that you are.

When we see this truth of who we are, and how it is only our thoughts creating an illusion before us, we can see we don’t have to believe our thoughts.  We come to understand that life is living though us, not coming at us, and our experience of life can become more light and joyous!

All humans are created from that universal intelligence, and our human design system comes with the built in ability of being able to lead happy and successful lives.  We can so easily get innocently caught out by the thought created reality before us and often forget our hidden angel!


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