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A few days ago I lost the plot. I’m going to suggest this is because we feel what we think. I was feeling insecure needy low not good enough etc etc.

And today as I write this I’ve been super super high, on top of the world.  Feeling that life is amazing and everything is going in my favour etc….

What do I see about this?

I see that when I felt crazily upset the other day Deb sat with me and gave me the space I needed to calm down. That in Itself felt huge for me, I wanted her to talk 3ps at me! Sort me out make me feel better. Give me something I already had that I felt I had lost. She didn’t. Why? Because she could see my health, she saw that I was perfectly ok no matter what I was thinking in that moment.

She perhaps got lost with me for a moment in my upsetness 

But what I do know is when I felt super excited tonight the exact same thing was apparent.  I was excited, over the top, crazy with thought again – but in a very different way.

Yet, there was still the same stuff going on but I was having a different experience of it. 

Both experiences felt like they were coming from things outside of me, because the illusionary world of thought which we live in does its job so well. It comes dressed up as true reality and not thought created in a moment that is always going to pass on by.

The root of all of experience comes to us via thought in the moment, it just has its different flavours.

Lu x

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