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We returned home yesterday from a 3 night retreat. I think this is maybe the 10th retreat I have been on.

I absolutely love getting together with a group of people – a mix of people who have been before, haven’t been before but perhaps know these spiritual principles that we share and people who have no idea what they have signed up for – and having these retreats!

I always wondered why it was called a retreat though. The word retreat generally means to withdraw or move away from. In the case of our kind of retreats, we seem to draw closer to people – we come together in a designated space and spend lots of time in each other’s company – seemingly the opposite of retreating.

What I love about coming together in this way is when we get to have the same conversation, again, but it in an entirely new way.

I love being reminded of where my experience comes from,100% of the time; thinking in the moment. I love being pointed back to the truth of who I am – the oneness and innate health in every single human, including me. I love watching people change over the space of just a few short days as they too realise that they are innately healthy and whilst our thoughts may appear scary, we never have to take them as truth.

One of my favourite games is to (discreetly and politely!) watch the body language and faces of people change. So many of us carry ourselves through the world with the weight of the world on our shoulders, with lack of sleep etched in our face or the stresses and pressures of ‘life’ keeping us curled up into ourselves.

There is something so beautiful watching a person uncurl and put down the load they have been carrying. There is something incredible about seeing a persons eyes light up when they see that we live in a world of abundance and realise that they are OK. No matter what our thinking tells us, knowing we don’t have to believe it, change it or be scared of it is the most freeing gift we can have.

It occurred to me this weekend that perhaps it should really be called a Re-Treat. It really is a treat every time I get to spend time with amazing people, having amazing conversations and watching this innate truth being uncovered in those who took the time to treat themselves and bathe in this conversation.

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