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Have you ever felt like you just want everything to STOP!   That feeling of overwhelm, like there is too much going on and you just want it to end.

The kids are doing your head in and the other half is demanding and grumpy, work is not going quite as planned and suddenly, from a head full of thoughts you had the idea that “there must be more to life than this!”

Our thinking has the ability to create an experience of reality. 

Yet most of us do not realise that we do not have to control or change our thoughts in order to have a different reality or experience of it.   We can try and change our thoughts or go down the positive thinking route for a little while, but eventually this course of action breaks down and we find ourselves totally exhausted.  It’s just too much work and it’s adding to the feeling of complete burn out!

But it doesn’t have to be this way, we are capable of having new thought and the trick is understanding that all our human experience is created by the meanings we are attaching to the thoughts that come into our heads.

With this “inside out” understanding of how our experience, and ultimately our feelings, are created, we can more clearly see how our thinking is directly linked to how we are feeling.  The more we THINK we are exhausted and tired, unable to clearly see any positive outcomes to our situation, the more tired and exhausted we feel.

This seems like a very simple understanding – maybe too simple – it hardly seems like a solution to our present feelings.   How is it possible to get over these feelings of anger, insecurity and fear?
Well, somehow, simply seeing our thoughts for what they are, and not attaching any meaning to those thoughts, begins to allow some breathing space.  Our minds can become calmer and clarity begins to reign.

Built into this human creation of experience is the ability to have another thought. 

Thoughts come through us, not at us, they are uncontrollable and there is an abundant supply of them on a daily basis.  Therefore, we always have the ability to have another thought.  Whenever there is a problem before us the solution is always, always available to us via a fresh thought.  Fresh thoughts come from a clear mind.  Somehow knowing that this is part of the process of bringing that fresh thought through, brings that clarity of mind.

So whenever we have that feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion, we can remind ourselves that somewhere within us is that built in capacity for fresh thought and the solution we have been trying so hard to think into existence, can appear without effort.

Our reactions to our outside circumstances begin to change and we begin to feel different in circumstances where we would previously have been angry or hurt.   Having this understanding does not mean that we will never feel any of these emotions again.  It is not a way of fixing our emotions but a way of merely seeing that there is a solution, and we can come to terms with the fact that we are human we have our human moments and emotions.

We have the inbuilt amazing resilience to bounce back.


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