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Four years ago, in March 2015, I took part in a 90-day course – The Warriors Journey.

It changed everything for me! I had already been a part of this conversation for about a year and I had started to see life a little differently but those 90 days blew my mind!

The Warrior program was aimed to help create something of value in the world and it really did!
The course started with us being asked to commit to being part of the course and ready to be open to changes. Through daily practices (I personally chose: a blog, meditation, reading a inspirational book and Warrior Questions for reflection) we were guided to really getting to know ourselves, from the inside out.

Right at the beginning I decided to start a blog about the course – I had always wanted to write a blog and this seemed like a great excuse to start one. I wrote 40,000 words during the 90 days of blogging! I found a real passion in writing about what was happening for me and uncovered a sense of humour that needed some dusting off! What a journey!

Receiving something in my inbox every day was the tonic I needed – it was the perfect balance of long blogs, short videos and inspiring quotes, along with challenges to give us some space to discover ourselves.

This journey for me was all about falling in love with myself again and to find answers that are true for us in our lives. By allowing myself to be more open, more aware of how life really works, I had some really big insightful experiences and really unexpected, moment to moment changes.
Starting to understand where our feelings come from – ourselves – and that they are telling us what kind of ‘head space’ we are in, not what someone else is doing, was just huge for me.

Something significant really changed for me over the course of 90 days – being immersed in this conversation, having time to reflect on what I was hearing and challenging myself to step up to really being me has just opened up my life in ways I never imagined possible.

My complete blog is available here: Beccywarrior.Wordpress.com. There is a LOT to read so I have picked out my three favourite blogs, if you just wanted to get a taste.
My Favourite blog: LOVE IS ALL WE NEED
Funniest blog: ART ATTACK (read the spider bit!)
Most ‘insightful’ blog: TO EMPOWER OR NOT TO EMPOWER

On 1st April, The Warrior course is being re-launched. I cannot guarantee it will be the same for you as it was for me – we all have our own personal experiences of life – but I can assure you that something magical happens when we open ourselves up to possibility. Immersing yourself in this conversation, with an open and willing heart could be life changing. It certainly was for me!

To find out more about the re-launch of The Warrior’s Journey come along to our free Webinar – Wednesday 20th March at 5.30pm (UK time). To book your place on the FREE webinar visit Eventbrite 

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