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The Dare2BU team have just organised and hosted what turned out to be the most amazing Conference in our local town.  We have been blown away by the enormous amount of love and respect we have felt from the speakers and all the attendees.   It truly was an emotional and awe inspiring time.  We felt elated, grateful, honoured, privileged, and then some!

All those amazing feelings were created via the power of thought.  This is the crux of my musings today.  There was a lot of talk about the power of thought and our thinking.  What came up for me was the distinction to be made between those two things.

Inbuilt into the human existence is the gift of thought.  All human experience comes from the thoughts that pop into our heads on a moment to moment basis.  If we did not have these thoughts we could not have our awareness, or consciousness about the outside world.   The gift of thought gives us the capacity to think.

Thought is essential to our having experience.   When we see a tree, we experience a tree, via the gift of thought.   The gift of any thought we have in any given moment gives us our feelings and the experience we are having moment to moment.  Thought comes from the formless creative energy of the universe the life force running through us, and when we experience thought that formless energy becomes form.

We are constantly having fresh thoughts, without our having to do anything.  We have the capacity to hold on to our thoughts by thinking more about them, but we also always have the capacity to have new thought.  Seeing thought for what it is, an energy coming into form, can give us the space from which to re-create.

The Conference came about because we had a thought that we all wanted to share our experience of having this understanding about how we create our reality.  We became curious about whether it was possible.   It could quite easily not have happened.  If we had had the thought that it was not possible, then we would never have even tried!

I love to see that human potential, that capacity that we have to create our moment to moment experience.  By allowing new thought to come through us, as humans we are absolutely awesome as we never run out of fresh thought.  So we have at our disposal, the creative intelligence and potential of the entire universe.  Fresh and new thought will bring fresh and new ideas and we can become “unstuck” from our fixed thinking about our capabilities and create something as amazing as the first three principle based mental health conference in North Devon!  And Then Some!

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