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Washing & Fuzzy Heads

For the last few days my head has felt a bit fuzzy. It’s hard to describe but it felt like I was completely overwhelmed and wanted to sort everything out into an order, but I couldn’t because it was all over the place. I was exhausted by it, and wisdom took me out of the game for a day of rest and sleep, looking after Lulu seemed most important to me.

It felt like I was trying to take on everything, Bec was poorly and so I felt the need to step up and try and be better than “just Lulu” who lets everyone do it all for her. But from this fuzzy head feeling I wasn’t getting very far, in fact probably making things worse, because I was coming from a place of panic – feeling like there wasn’t enough time and everyone else was busy.

Then it began to get more overwhelming when my thinking started kicking in saying “yeah but you have washing to do as well, and the house could do with a really good clean, and then there’s the food shop” on and on my head went and I couldn’t make it all sit in a nice clear, calm, functional, smooth straight line. I wanted to scream!

Imagine you were going to peg your washing on the line… what an easy task hey. Straight forward. You take an item out of the basket, take a couple of pegs and up it goes. One piece at a time, calm, clear and easy.

So now imagine you didn’t have a washing basket, so you had to hold all the clothes in your hands and all the pegs and try to peg it out. For a start you definitely wouldn’t be able to see clearly, because you have loads of items draped all over you.

And it would become a mammoth task, washing and pegs all over the place, and then the task of trying to juggle it all.

Well this is how it felt in my head, but I knew that I wouldn’t resolve things by frantically trying to peg all the washing out (aka taking on all the tasks right there and then with one pair of hands).

I knew I wasn’t seeing clearly, I knew I needed to take a step back, relax and let it unfold and it would be ok, although my thinking was telling me a different story.

After a nice day of resting and remembering that everything works in my favour and that I don’t need to stress, I am seeing it all a lot more clearly and I can see it was all completely crazy thinking that I was temporarily stuck in. It is already unfolding and working itself out. My washing is done, my food shopping is done and the housework can wait. And not surprisingly it was all a lot easier and took less time than my head had been telling me. It always looks worse than the reality.

So why do we always fall for it?

Well I certainly do! Oh yeah, thought is bloody good at its job!! 1-0 to thought again! 🙂

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