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We have had a busy week and a part of it was a visit from Stef Cybichowski (one of our conference speakers) at our Tuesday evening meet-up at our local social club.  I had been feeling a little off piste with my thoughts, mainly around being nervous(!) about him coming all the way from London and then no-one turning up!  As it turned out we had a lovely crowd of people there and Stef was lovely and welcoming.

It is really good to hear different people’s perspective about this understanding around the way we experience our reality as humans.  There was something in what Stef said which touched me deeply.  It was around the idea of who we really are, who we think we are, and more importantly, who we are not!  He talked around these perspectives and then said, we are at our core the space from which we create, and we are always at peace.  It never goes away.   It is always there.  I had one of those moments when I realised I didn’t know I didn’t “know” something which I thought I did.

I just loved the feeling that gave me and the feeling that seemed to permeate out into the room.

We are always at peace, we are always peace, and that never, ever goes away.

It never ceases to amaze me how this simple understanding can continue to have such a profound effect on our lives.  On the everyday minutiae of life.  No matter what I perceive to be going on around me, no matter who I believe I am in any given situation or circumstance, underneath it all I am always at peace,  I am peace.  We are all peace.  There is an inner calm which resides within us, an all knowing and all creating peace and calm from which we can live our lives.        Who’d have thought it!



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