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Being afraid.  What does being afraid mean?  What do we feel when we are afraid, and what is it that is causing that feeling?

This all came up for me the other day when I was suddenly told something, about someone that I thought no longer bothered me.

It never ceases to amaze me how we can create what is happening “out there” in the world, and then look at it and believe it to be the truth. Completely forgetting that what we are looking at is a creation all of our own.    It’s like writing a play with a scary monster in it, acting the part, and then starting to believe that it’s not a play but real life!

It occurred to me the other day how we do all this story telling, creating the monsters in our lives, when they never really existed!   Yet we innocently believe that they do exist and it is our duty to ensure these monsters do not win.  What about the time when we cannot believe that we have that power to overcome our monsters or demons and we get completely paralysed by the idea that what we have created is so real and so true that it keeps us stuck.  It keeps us from going out into the world and being and doing what our heart desires.  In fact it sometimes looks so real and true that we cannot even connect to what our heart desires.  We dare not even think about what our hearts desire is trying to say to us.

So let’s look at how this affects us.  How we can believe that we don’t have the mental capacity to function on a day to day basis.  We don’t trust our instincts, and very often cannot even connect to instinct and we certainly can seem unable to connect to our inner wisdom, or our higher self.  Through all this, despite it appearing that life is just chucking stuff at us and we are not coping, that we are unable to see through the thought created fog of our personal minds, the truth of who we truly are never ever goes away.   We are always connected to that higher self of ours, that instinctual, heart felt part of us.  We have just covered over that with our thinking, by attaching more thinking to thought.  So we see ……..


We are afraid, or are fearful, of what we think.  That’s it.  We are not afraid or fearful about what we believe we are afraid or fearful of.

We do not have to be fearful of any experience.  Our experience will change as soon as we get a new thought.  It is built into the system that we will always get a new thought and we are never stuck.  So there is nothing to be frightened of.  We are the creators of the story, the film, and our life, which we see playing out before us.  Once we see the role of thought in creating those stories and pictures, we can see it can’t harm you.

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