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With our conference fast approaching and thinking about our aim for north Devon – to make it the most mentally healthy place to live – it has brought forward for me all the learning that I have around the subject.  When I undertook my degree in Psychology I learned a lot of theories and assumptions about behaviour as a result of a set of circumstances.   I came away with the belief that we are fixed into certain “types” “traits” and conditions.

This is a very outside in understanding about how we create our reality. i.e .what is outside of us, the weather, people, events affect how we behave and feel.  I now see how this is flawed inasmuch as the theories and ideas of this creation, often break down.  We don’t always react in the same way to the same circumstances.

What I see now is the inside out creation of the human experience.  It makes sense because it is how we create our own separate realities moment to moment and it is constant.

Let me explain.   Our brains and our bodies are designed to work to create perfectly functioning human beings.   Our brains processes are inbuilt with good mental health.  We have inbuilt resilience, there is evidence of that every day.  We have bounce-back ability from all sorts of circumstances. The only time we get out of that “good” mental health is when we innocently believe the thousands of thoughts we have each day are creating our reality, which we do by attaching meaning to some thoughts and believing that to be our truth.  Our ability to think is essential in order to give us a human experience; we would not experience anything outside of ourselves without it.   We come unstuck when we believe the thoughts which are taking us away from our true selves and see them as reality.    For example, I have a friend who is so caught up in the thought that if she goes on an aeroplane it might crash.  The thought that it might crash, that she may experience fear and face death, frightens her to the extent that she will not fly.  She is prevented from experiencing something because she has a fixed belief (created by her thoughts) that something terrible might happen if she steps on a plane!  The event hasn’t even happened but it is preventing her from an experience she could quite easily enjoy.

When we see the role of thought in this way, we can see how we create false realities and this can prevent us from living a full blown human experience and realise the enormous potential that our minds and bodies have.

Humans are wired to succeed.

Our brains are amazing calculators and processors, and our bodies have an innate ability to heal, mend cuts and knit broken bones, if we allow it to do so.  All this is powered up by the truth of who we really are, a spiritual essence; part of the creative intelligence which powers us up. Fear and insecurity can only come from the limiting beliefs we have created from attaching meaning to thoughts which do not align with that creative intelligence.  We lose our ability to use our innate wisdom, in our innocent belief that all thought is real and true.

Having the full human experience, the idea of pain, hurt, insecurity, fear is almost essential if we are to have any sort of human experience.  Without these things we would not know the opposites.  Without knowing hot we would not know cold, without hate we would not know love, but realising that these feelings and emotions can only come from thought and are not real somehow gives us a better experience.  All thoughts and feelings pass without us having to actually do anything about them.  It is the natural default nature of the human experience.  We just have to let life do life and ride the waves of the sea of humanity, and we will have a better experience.   I know understanding this has led me to have a better experience of life and realise the enormous human potential within us all.

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