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If you get asked this question, what do you say?  I know when I was a young child, my answer would to tell the person my name. That’s what in my head at that time, defined who I was, who I felt I belonged to.  My name gave me a sense of belonging, where I was in the world. I lived with the family called that name. I was an “only” daughter, an “only” sister.

As I grew up I began to describe myself according to my job.  I used to feel very proud of being able to say that I was a secretary, working for a firm of solicitors.  I used to like saying I was a secretary when in fact I was only a junior typist! I felt it gave me a position, a status, something my parents could be proud of.

I then became a wife and then a mother!

During all of that time, I was sort of aware, but never really gave it credence, that in fact I was something far, far, greater than all those labels. There was always a little something deep inside me that wasn’t comfortable with the fact that I was just all those external things.  There was a little small voice inside of me, saying other things. I can hardly say or describe what that feeling was but it was with me. I spent a lot of time growing up on my own. We had a large family and I rarely fitted in with my brothers adventures and my mum was permanently on the go.  I felt lots of love, but also felt lots of loneliness.

I grew up with this belief, my thoughts running through my head about who I was and where I was in the world, was my truth.

Thank goodness I now know different.   Thank goodness I now know that the truth of who I truly am.

When we only see ourselves as those things outside of ourselves, we get all caught up with the belief that is ALL we are!   It gets very exhausting trying to be the right family member, the right wife, the right mother, the right Secretary! We can cause ourselves to spin out of control and become anxious and worried about our performance as a human!

When we understand the deep spiritual nature of who we are and how we create our human experience by believing we are all things to everyone, we begin to see that we are whole and complete without anything on the outside of us being a certain way.  I am not defined by my labels of daughter, sister, mother or wife. I am me; a spiritual being have a very human experience.

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