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The human personal mind always wants to know. Wants to label.  Wants to explain.  Wants to put things in order; work it out; explain why things happen and then explain how we can avoid certain things happening again.   Do we succeed?  It seems to me the only thing we succeed in is making a total and utter mess of everything and getting to the point where we can’t see the wood for the trees, and sky for the stars, and the ocean for the water!

Somewhere in the annals of time – another created masterpiece of the human existence – we have lost our way.  When I say “our” I mean it in a personal global sense, as opposed to our truth.

There is no “our” but we do live in a human world, we are here trying to have as best a possible human experience as we possibly can.   In order to do that, we have to make up things don’t we?   Don’t we have to construct a social reality out there….. else?  Else what?     It’s all made up.  It’s all coming from an innocent misunderstanding of how things work.

So since coming across this understanding of how we experience our lives from the inside out, I thought – yep thought – I understood.   Inasmuch as I believed we needed order, we needed to have social constructs, to a point, so that we can make sense of the world.  But the world only exists in our personal minds!  Arghhh I am going crazy.  What is crazy anyway!

No, you see.   What I now “see” “feel” or understand at a deeper level is the fact that there is nothing to see!  I don’t have to waste time worrying about anything.    It doesn’t mean that I am going to experience a sense of nothingness as a human, on a day to day basis, because that is just not how it works.  I will still experience heartache, pain, humiliation, embarrassment, frustration, anger, love, peace happiness joy, everything the whole frigging nine yards! BUT and it’s the biggest BUT I have yet been insightful about, I know it’s all made up, I know it.   Really ALL, EVERYTHING. Our thoughts and feelings and senses and beliefs and ideas and behaviour and reactions are fluid they come and go with the tide, with the rising and setting of the moon – yep the moon goes around the earth, not the sun!

That perfect and beautiful gift of thought that is part of the design of human experience, its gives, it takes it means everything, it means nothing.  It just is.  I am just loving the ISNESS of life – except when I don’t!

We spend hours, days, weeks, months and years trying to make this human “us” out of the infinite and majestic and creative intelligence of our truth.  We squeeze and pull and push, shape and re-shape, taking on form, losing it, believing it, not believing it. But at the end of it all, all we ever are is that formless spiritual (can I say being!) to which we shall eventually go back home. Even that may not be the end!   We try so hard to be human and we start to believe that it all matters.  When we understand and see and learn and feel that there is nothing to make sense of, nothing to put into order, there is only the isness of life.  When we leave that alone, when we understand the need to stop trying to control, manipulate, cajole and let things be, it will all be done for us in the most magnificent and beautiful way.   Ride the waves, see the water, mingle and merge with the woods and marvel at the sky.  See the perfection in the humans around us, see the truth of human not the human race.


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