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Sunday 28th February

In the twenty days since I last posted, I’ve been to London to visit my daughter and spent a week in Coventry looking after my mum as she has been so poorly.

I’m still in Coventry and will be here for another week.

Business things seem to have taken a back seat and I’ve let them. It seems right to be concentrating on my parents right now.

The opportunity for learning has been amazing.

My understanding of the three principles continues to get deeper and deeper all the time; life keeps showing me more and more surprises.

I did manage to do my first live heart connection call last Monday morning and have one scheduled for this Monday evening.

I felt the first one went well and I am looking forward to doing it again tomorrow. I am still apprehensive but not so much so that I won’t do it.

Staying in Coventry has given me the opportunity to get involved with the random acts of kindness Lucy and Beccy, my two nieces have been having so much fun with, I can see why they like it so much, its addictive!

At the retreat a few weeks ago Jomie, the lovely lady who owns Eastdown was giving out RAOK cards and they have started a kindness page on their website, if you fancy the idea of getting involved check it out here www.eastdown.org/kindness

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