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Its time I let you in on my latest thoughts feelings and actions around my business building.

A lot of my ideas and perceptions about building my business have changed, I think for the better, I hope you agree.

My thinking about building my business has slowed down and my actions have built up. Things are still moving incredibly slowly and not how I would have chosen them to, but theyre moving non the less. I now have 11 members in my Heart of Life community. The upside to that is my membership has doubled in a month, if it continues at that rate and doubles every month I will have 10,240 members in twelve months time!! I love math.

I have so far managed to send out my inspirational emails everyday and not missed one yet, I even added an extra one on Saturday last week just because I could! I’ve really gotten into my stride with these emails and I am enjoying thinking them up, or searching for lovely inspirational things to share. That has definitely become a pleasure not a chore. The extra email I added last week was a call to take some action, this was a game changer for some of the participants on the Warrior course I did last year and it went down well this time, so I will be doing more of that.

I have taken actions towards filling the retreat that’s happening on April 8th – 10th that’s in 17 days time. I really love doing the retreats and I feel sad that more people don’t know about them and come along, they truly are magical and transformative. So for the first time I have really made an effort to ‘get it out there’ more.  I’m not sure how effective what I’ve done and plan to do will be, but I know more people could benefit than are at present so lets just see what happens.

I have managed to do every Heart Connection Call, all be it with a fair amount of insecure thinking, my aim there is to get better and deliver more. For now I am allowing myself credit for turning up and doing the calls.

I did my first on-line get together for my members, only Bec turned up live for that one. We had a really lovely chat and I felt it went well, Its been watched by two people since I sent out the recording. I will be putting out details for the next one before the end of today. Hopefully it will become more popular, I had fun doing it either way.

Every day I am doing a bit more and I want to continue to do more and do it better. This is very much not a have to but a want to. That feels different, nicer and less oppressive. It was a great and very helpful lesson to learn, to do things because I want to and let anything that comes back be a wonderful added extra. That one hit me between the eyes with my ladies meet-up group. When I was getting all wound up about people who said they would come and then didn’t turn up. I stopped letting it be about them and brought it back to me. My groups have been more popular and I have been happier ever since then.

This helped me to really easily see myself holding onto thinking and getting into my stories. It was then easy to see the connection between that and how stuck, hurt, scared and generally bombarded by unhelpful thoughts I can be at times. These thoughts create a prison that I am locked in, because I forget what it is built of and who built it.

One wall I have watched many people building and then concreting for extra strength is the ‘what other people think of me’ wall. I realised that my own wall like this is pretty thick in some places and it really keeps me small. It stops me asking for help when I need it and it keeps me from sharing what I know with people who could really benefit. So seeing through that thinking is very helpful to me, and it becomes more and more visible every day. replica tag heuer grand carrera calibre 17 watch This ‘seeing’ is what is allowing me to become more visible and do what I’m doing.

I know that I want, no actually stronger than that, really want,  to have more people join my membership site, and I want  it to be the best it can be for them, really helpful and easy to access. So I am relaxing into a deeper level of understanding, or a higher level of consciousness and I am just going for putting more things ‘out there’ and going for it when talking about my membership site. I’m interested to see what changes.

A few blogs ago I shared that I had a plan up my sleeve and that I would share it with you when the person involved knew about it. Well its taken a small step forward, not big enough to share yet but I wanted you to know I hadn’t forgotten about it.

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