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Friday 29th January

I am writing this on a train on the way to my daughter’s house in London. She and her business partner Bex are busy building their fashion business and needs a helping hand, as I have been a seamstress all my life I am on my way to do just that. I’ve made the journey via Coventry so I could call in and visit my mum, although she is home from hospital she is not well and it was upsetting to see her like that. My mum has always been a very capable lady, looking after everyone and nothing phases her, so to see her looking so tired and frail was a shock.

Life is always uncertain and plenty of us have stuff going on all the time, this with my mum has been a reminder to me that she won’t always be here, and nor will I. So I am even more determined to make a success of my business this year and not to put it off any longer through fear or anything else that may look as if it’s getting in my way.

Gillian and I had a great morning yesterday and we got the website a big step further forward. We were both pleased by what we had achieved.

I had a lot of thinking about putting off starting from the 1st February and moving it back at least a week. We even talked about making it 1st march. But then with such a good mornings work and the words good enough is enough, ringing in my ears, I decided to stop getting ready to be ready to take the bull by the horns and go for the 1st February as planned.

It is going to be a challenge to pull this off being at Gems for the weekend and having a very full schedule of work for the entire time, I’m writing this and I’ve already been sewing things on the train to give to Gem when I arrive.

But I am going to give it my best shot.

My plan at the moment is to go for Monday as the start day and to work like mad to catch up and make it a success.

Lets see how much I manage to get done over the weekend, I am staring with my five founding members and hoping to add to them during February.

I’ve arrived in London so now to make my way to gems carrying my case and my heavy sewing machine!!

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