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Monday 1st February

Here I am on the train again, this time heading back to Devon. It’s been an interesting weekend, with so much learning for everyone.

The first thing to report is that I missed the train I should have been on and I am on a later one. That was a huge opportunity to see if we can be OK in a stressful situation! Guess what?…. I’m fine.

The weekend was crazy busy, with an impossible amount of work for three people to complete in the time available. In spite of this we got going very early Saturday morning with a smile and an optimistic attitude. We worked like mad things all weekend finally admitting we had done what was possible, in fact probably a whole lot more than that, by 3am Monday morning. We crawled into bed and fell asleep with exhaustion. Only to get up again at 7…. Something in the morning. (Gem and Bex an hour earlier than me.)

We flew round and left on time to get to my train, then found there were problems on the underground, we rushed and hustled our way through the morning crowds but eventually had to admit it was going to be impossible to make my train.

All of us have a distinct lack of money so finding the money for a new ticket was a scary thought. But we stayed calm and trusted all would be fine. When the time came we had a conversation with the man in the ticket office. He agreed there was a delay on the tube so I was allowed to change my ticket for this later train with no charge. A huge relief to us all.

We then looked and saw that we had had an opportunity for a good 15 minutes of story telling about how bad things were, we could have felt bad on the journey across London and I would have missed my train, we could have had a laugh and spent the last hour of our time together in a good feeling and I would have missed my train. What is is, what we feel about it is up to us.

I didn’t get my first email out for my business this morning. The workload was massive over the weekend and I got into the vibe of ‘make it Rein’ (my daughters business) and lost perspective on my own stuff. I didn’t make the time to schedule it to go. I had the thought that I could do it on the train at just after 9am this morning, using the WiFi from my phone. Then my phone charger wasn’t working and my phone didn’t charge as it usually does, overnight. I needed to let Russ (my partner) know I would be late because of missing the train and just didn’t have enough battery life to hook it up to my computer and make that call.

Another good lesson, I also recognised that in the past I would have run the story that I was simply too busy to do it. Yet that story would be totally ignoring the fact that my choices were mine, and I was aware of the quiet voice of wisdom whispering in the background, ‘make time for your own stuff’. I felt important doing that sewing and didn’t listen to my wisdom. I love that I heard it, and I love that I know that, next time I will follow it.

The email will go this afternoon and I won’t let any negative stories I could tell about what this all means about me or my business get in the way, I will keep moving forward and learning.

An amazing thing just happened, I have an Internet connection on the train!!

Its free courtesy of Great Western railways, I have sent my first email out to my five founding members.

Feeling very happy with my life and my progress.

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