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Sunday 24th January

I’ve had a few ups and downs in the five days since I last posted. I did get into some sticky thinking, my money stuff has looked very real and my mum has been rushed into hospital poorly.

My saving grace has been that I have known throughout the entire time, that the source of my feelings has been my thinking and not my circumstances. This has lessened any suffering I have been in considerably, and allowed me to access peace even when things weren’t going the way I would have chosen them to.

Thankfully my mum is improving now and I’ve had the dreaded ‘money talk’ with my partner. It’s cleared the air and my thinking has calmed down and become more peaceful, so feeling much better.

The funny thing is when you feel down it’s difficult to see how you could feel better in the same circumstances and equally when you feel good it’s difficult to see why you felt bad.

Right now I am feeling good and it is hard to remember what it was like when I felt scared and like this building a business thing was never going to work.

I have been working on up dating my website and I am feeling proud of what I have achieved, I like the results. I hope you do too?

My lovely friend Gillian Pearce has been helping she is doing the membership site side of things, which is way beyond me.

At the moment we are on track to be up and running by the 1st February, this feels an equal mix of exciting, scary and like I will be asking a lot of myself.

The whole idea, along with the pressured thinking that comes with it, of doing this quickly and getting the exact results I want, has started to fade.

I am falling gracefully into a pattern of writing posts every day, and creating momentum for the working days to come. Its time to step up and be a bit more visible now, I watched a video by a lady called Jo Barnes last Monday saying just get your stuff good enough and put it out there don’t wait for it to be perfect or you will never do it. You can continually improve, as you go, don’t hide.

Its great advice so good enough it is!

So all in all I feel that I am headed in the right direction, more slowly than I would like, admittedly, but the right direction non-the less.

I still have five people signed up to be founding members of the heart of life community, so that is the next thing I am going to address, lets hope tomorrow brings more clarity and insight!

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