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Photo on 30-03-2016 at 08.52I hope you had a lovely Easter, I most certainly did, It was a weekend of great insights.

I wanted to share it with you as best I can because it is going to have an impact on my business.

In my very first business building blog I shared that there were two things that I wanted to achieve this year

The two things that are really important to me here is that what I do is something of real value to the people involved and that it’s financially viable’.

That first blog was about value and financial viability – Money was on my mind.

Every one of us has a very strong money story, whatever it might be and I am no exception. Even during the time that I was so totally consumed with all the difficulties within my relationship when I didn’t have the head space to really think that much about money, a lack of it was very much the backdrop to my life and my money story was strong even then. Until this weekend’s insight my story went something like this;

For as long as I can remember money has been something of a mystery for me, not something I’ve ever really gotten my head around.

 We never seemed to have that much of it, but then I don’t ever really remember having an experience of having much money, but it wasn’t a big enough problem to overshadow the relationship stuff that I was trying so hard to get on top of. I don’t remember ever being hungry or in real dire straights, just generally pretty hard up. 

When I found myself on my own, one of the things I felt I had to do was earn money. I managed but didn’t do too well. Once I was in a relationship again I wanted to contribute, I still didn’t seem to do the money thing very well. Like so many others I have lots of very unhappy and unhealthy thinking around money.

Then suddenly over this weekend I had a huge realisation. One of the most unhealthy relationships most of us are in is the one we have with money. Money is something that we all, as part of the human race, would benefit from seeing differently,  just as we would every other relationship we are in. We are living in a time when we are in critical need of change and as the late great Buckminster Fuller said;

   ” you never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model.One that makes the existing model obsolete”.

It really is ALL about relationships and unless we begin to have a whole new reality around every relationship we are in and this one with our money is fraught with unhealthy thinking, its a biggie, we won’t prosper in our lives. We will always live from a place of lack, feeling like we have never got enough. Not enough love, not enough money, not enough food, not enough sleep, not enough anything…….. and so it will go on.

I saw this very very deeply and I also saw final word oris aquis date replica watches review that the answer is a very simple one, seeing our money stories for what they are, just that, stories. We are always and only ever living in the feeling of our thinking and we are never more than one thought away from a beautiful new, happy healthy money story. 

There is more to come on this one, but for now I will leave it there. Whats your money story??  I love it when people leave comments on my blog and I would really love to know, so please share. Thank you.


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