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Monday 8th February.

A whole week since I last posted, well that week just flew, it was a short week as I didn’t get home till mid afternoon last Monday, then I had all the food preparation for the retreat this weekend just gone.

It could have been a stressful week. I could have bought into the thinking I was having, about how little time I had to do all the things I wanted to do before I left home on Friday morning. Thankfully, apart from a few odd moments, it wasn’t.

I enjoyed the busyness and working hard to stay ahead of everything. It pretty much worked out, the retreat was, on the whole a success. We still weren’t as full as we had hoped we would be. Which is a great shame, the place we go to, Eastdown in Devon, is stunningly beautiful and the opportunity just to spend time there in the peace and tranquility of the space is a great one. Add to that the lovely people who own it and the equally lovely people, who come along for the weekend. Then Les with his breathing and a group sharing of the Three Principles, it’s a pretty awesome weekend, even if I am bias!

This morning, freshly home from the retreat and feeling in a great state of mind, which if I didn’t know better I would attribute to the weekend I just had, not simply my thinking in the moment. I have already had a challenge we have no electric.

The weather has been terrible for quite some time now and this morning it’s no better, so as far as I can tell the problem has been caused by the exceptionally high winds. The thing is we are all electric; I have no Internet connection and can’t even make myself a cup of tea! The ideal opportunity to catch up with my blog posts and written copy for the website.

I haven’t got on as quickly as I hoped with getting things in motion for the membership site, partly down to being short of time and if I am being honest (which I am doing my best to be) a bit of fear.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to let being slow or afraid allow me to go into ‘there’s no point now’ thinking. I am just going to get my head down and continue as best I can, giving up looks like a far worse option than carrying on. A great realisation.

I had emails to send this morning to everyone who came to the retreat, I found asking for testimonials hard and sending out the invites to ask the three lovely ladies If they were interested in becoming founding members of Heart of Life. Interesting how our thinking can kick in and try to stop us in our tracks.

Two of the emails have gone the others won’t send due to lack of electric!

On the whole I would say, my mind has shifted into knowing I’m going to do this, it’s no longer trying to make me stop, it’s more focused on just trying to make it harder than it needs to be. Lets see how long it is until that changes.

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