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Tuesday 1st March

I feel it’s time to update you on how things are going with actually building my business. A bit of an uncomfortable blog, but hopefully an honest one.

I had an interesting insight last night.

I haven’t been doing very much towards building my business since I left home almost two weeks ago, and I had been letting things slide a while before that. I was in a feeling of being unsure what to do and a little scared of doing some of the things I had planned.

Even writing my diary was slipping. I stopped altogether posting my 366 happy days. It was starting to feel very outside in, not written from how I actually see life, it felt dishonest and misleading.

I began to wake up in the mornings with a bit of an odd feeling, not a nice feeling, more of a guilty feeling, I just allowed it to pass and the days have been full, and good days for the most part.

Then last night a quote from Michael Neil came into my head. “its easier to have what you really want than what you think is possible’

It just wouldn’t go away.

It kept going round in my head.

I just let it be there, it didn’t seem as if it was causing any trouble or getting in my way and it was just there.

Then I had the thought ‘what was it I really wanted, I seem to have forgotten, can I remember’?

I remembered in that moment that if there was something I really wanted it was to be teaching the principles to people, all day every day.

As soon as I had that thought the bad feeling was gone and I was back on track.

The funniest thing was I never even noticed I had gone off track until I was back on it.

That’s thought for you, what a funny little trickster it is.

The more I learn about thought, the more I see the ways it can hood wink us.

That leads me nicely to another thing the insight reminded me about, trusting and following the feeling

We can never really trust what we think, but we can totally trust what we feel, and a good feeling is a sure way to know without a doubt we are on track I was clearly having some thinking that was causing me to fall out of my beautiful feeling.

Its great to be back in the good feeling and back doing what I love to do.

Ever since I started writing this diary/blog I haven’t posted it at all, I’m not sure why, so during this evening and tomorrow I am going to do that, get it out there and make it public.

I’m going to send a newsletter out, a reminder for the ladies meet-up group and start to advertise the next retreat.

I also have another idea I want to pursue, I’m not going to reveal it yet as I am going to publish this and I need to talk to the people involved before I share, but I will share whatever the outcome.

Oh it’s good to be back on track!

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