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Friday 11th march

My meet-up on Wednesday went well, I had three new ladies join in, which was nice, there was a good feeling in the room and I was very happy with the turn out. I am beginning to feel my feet a bit with it, I still have some thinking and get a bit nervous but I am really enjoying it for the most part.

It feels like quite a few things have been shifting for me in the last few weeks and now is the time to share that with you.

It looks to me like I am in a place of always managing to have enough money, sometimes I am scarily near the edge with it, but somehow it always works itself out, I eat enough, I am warm enough, I have a roof over my head and in the words of Byron Katie “how do I know I don’t need more? – because I don’t have more” This feels very true for me, and when I get out of my story of the future it’s perfect!

I am feeling in that space so much more of the time, my money story is really loosening for me. From that place the urgency of business building is dropping and its becoming much more about fun and helping people. It was always about that too, but it’s become more about that and less about  anything else.

All sorts of opportunities seem to be coming along, I am planning to do a zip wire and climb a mountain in the summer, both things that will push me way out of my comfort zone, but feel exciting and fun.

My next retreat with Les Elms is in April, I simply love doing these retreats I feel very blessed that I am able to spend time doing something so lovely and call it work!

If I am honest things aren’t going the way I saw them going or anywhere near as fast as I would have chosen, but right now, in this moment, everything seems just exactly as it should be and I can honestly say I am feeling very happy. I am loving everything I am up to, and it looks like it will continue in this direction. Maybe it will and maybe it won’t when it happens, but either way looks good to me.


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