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Thursday 3rd March

Where is my inner peace? How do I access it?

These are questions that I have asked myself on many occasions.

I was lying in bed this morning and I wasn’t in a peaceful place within my mind. So I was busy looking for that place in me, I was trying to think myself into inner peace.

Not surprisingly it wasn’t working and I was feeling uncomfortable.

It’s a similar thing to trying to make your self go to sleep….

If someone asked you how do you go to sleep, what would your answer be?

For me it’s just something that happens, I ‘fall’ into sleep. Well the same is true of inner peace; we don’t really ‘do it’ we more fall into it.

The thing with sleep is we can do it, regularly and successfully, even though we can’t put into words, how we do it.

The same can be said of falling into inner peace, we do it all the time, successfully and regularly.

It’s not a place you can think yourself into. It’s more of a place of less thinking. It’s always there, but we can miss it because we are being distracted by the thought that is passing through our mind in the moment.

Like sleep, spending time in inner peace is very nourishing.

True inner peace is the emptiness before thought, the place that all thought arises from.

Because we live in the feeling of our thinking, we feel what we think, we can find a feeling of peace within peaceful thinking.

This is where positive thinking comes into play.

If the thinking we are having in that moment is a good story, something we like, we feel good.

If the thinking we are running isn’t so great, a story that we don’t like so much, then we can be in turmoil. When we are ‘in‘ our thinking we are at the mercy of what it is, good or bad, we will feel it and mistake that feeling for truth.

It isn’t realistic to think positive all of the time, and it’s not true peace of mind.

True inner peace is a place before thought, and it is ours whatever the thinking, or story we are running in any given moment.

It is the solid foundation that we all have below our thinking, knowing that there is a solid foundation underneath out thinking in the moment, is where our true peace of mind lies.

We don’t have to be feeling peace of mind to know it’s there.

In the last few weeks I’ve got a bit lost in some thinking and have gone right off track, in many ways it looks like I’ve failed at the tasks that I had set myself.

I’ve not delivered as much as I would have liked to have to the members of my group.

In the blog before this one I wrote about feeling a bit odd in the mornings, a feeling of guilt.

I realised this morning the feeling is coming from the story of failure. I’ve decided what I wanted to do and I am believing the story that I’ve not done enough.

It looks to me now that I have two choices, I can remember where my peace of mind comes from and know that it’s always there, no matter what the feeling is I’m having.

Then I can look at the story that I am running and decide again in the moment what I want to do.

I still want to do the things I set myself to do, and since my insights over the last few days I seem to be mostly back on track, and loving doing what I love to do.

Just goes to show when you can get out of the story of all the things that you are and you’re not you can just simply be OK in the moment, and from a clear mind do what is in front of you to do.

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