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Monday 11th Jan 2016

Its Monday morning, and I woke up this morning full of excitement knowing that I love Monday mornings and wanting to share that, the world feels like such a lovely place.

I opened up my computer. Yesterday I  sent out an email to the people on my mailing list, two people had un-subscribed, I felt very flat and wanted to cry, oh no it’s all going wrong.

Then I took a breath and the thought poped into my head,  part of this journey is remembering to be me, show up authentically and not to have conditions on anything, as I am being more and more truly me the people who don’t resonate with that will leave, the people who truly will benefit from what I have to share will find me.

I then noticed I had three very positive comments, so all is well again in my world and my thinking has settled, we can be so very funny at times.

After feeling so good this morning and knowing I want to be more visible, I decided I was going to share that with the world, so I went onto face book to post, and found that a great Legend, David Bowie, had died. Oh no, surly sharing that the world is a great place and how happy I am, isn’t appropriate now??

I’m going to sit with that a while.

I noticed yesterday, that I slipped back into the ‘busy being busy doing nothing’ place. This really is a habit I have, so I am going to do my best today to be busy doing something that is taking me where I want to be.

It’s not that I think there is anything wrong with anything I’m doing, it’s just that I have noticed that I’m good at getting distracted, leaving stuff until the last second because of the distraction and a feeling of being really unsure of what to do. Then suddenly as I need to get it done, laser focus happens and I go into overdrive working like a mad person, tire myself out and wonder why the hell I didn’t do that sooner!


Off to create some great content for my membership site.




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