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Monday 18th Jan 2016

What an awesome weekend, lots of food, fun and family time, lots of memories and laughter.

Some ups and downs too, a long car journey, some hospital visiting and a room full of family!!

It was great to see everyone; some of us hadn’t been together for ten years, so a few awkward moments before the years melted away.

It turned out it wasn’t a great time to talk business, and after a little time to reflect, I just relaxed and enjoyed a lovely weekend away with my family.

Back home now and it’s been a funny day.

I started off feeling a bit unsure what to do today, and a bit disillusioned about how things are going.

Things don’t seem to be moving as fast as I would like them to be, what if nobody else takes me up on my offer, what if I don’t even get my 20 founding members, with thoughts like these comes a lot of insecure and fearful thinking, not a great place to do good work from. But we can’t just not do stuff because our thinking is off, that’s no way to be in the world, at least not the way I want to be.

So I went into town to do a few jobs that needed to be done, driving always seems to be one of the things that helps clear my mind, I get into watching the traffic and the road and forget to be all in my head thinking.

By the time I was home I was back in the flow of what needed to be done and got so into it, it’s now 10.45pm and I don’t want to stop, I’m enjoying myself far too much.

I’ve sent out more emails, hoping to have my 20 people signed up for my trail run of the Heart of Life community website in the next few days.

Five people are ‘in’ so far.

Lets see if I can get another 15 before we start.

I seem to be in some nice calm thinking now, thinking, that all will be well and although it’s going slowly, things are headed in the right direction,

So the feeling is a good one.

At this moment it looks to me like building a sustainable business that’s meant to last is about being consistent and letting people know you are there and going to stay there. That you won’t be a two-minute wonder and be gone when they need you.

That’s what heart of life is about for me, what it means to me, I have been extremely lucky, or maybe blessed, I found a place in me, that when I go there I know I am safe, that nothing and I really mean nothing can hurt me.

More and more I seem to be able to connect with that place in me when I want to.

I want to help you find that place in you. I would call it connecting to my heart. I want to get you connecting to yours.

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