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I have been seeing more and more all the places where I do far too much in life. Then there are places that I don’t step up and do things I could do.

It seems that I have a few things in my life backwards.

Life is far easier than we let it be, we spend a lot of our time doing things we have no business doing, working really hard where we should be relaxing into life and allowing things to just unfold.

Then in other places we allow our fears to stop us in our tracks we listen to fearful thoughts believe them to be true and don’t do things that we could do and that would benefit us.

There is an amazing system behind life that is designed to do the heavy lifting for us. We are not meant to exhaust ourselves, worrying and working stupidly hard whilst we are tense and stressed.

I had a beautiful reminder of this whilst I was pulling some linoleum tiles off a bathroom floor. The tiles were glued down very firmly and it was my job to get them up. I started off with all guns blazing determined that I wasn’t going to be beaten the tiles were coming off!!

I was really putting my back into the job, thumping the hammer onto the chisel and pulling with all my strength to get the tiles up.

Two tiles in and I was exhausted. My arms were aching and when I stood up my head was spinning from the effort I was putting in.

I was never going to be able to keep this up for all the tiles on the floor.

I sat back on my heels and it came to me, new thought, relax let the tools do the work, let your shoulders relax; they had been very tensed up. So I re-started and just gave the hammer a firm tap onto the chisel, I stopped bashing it so hard, then I just lifted the chisel to bring the tile up, I continued doing this and gradually I got into a great rhythm, the tiles were coming up really well I was relaxed and the job wasn’t zapping all my energy, I was using the tools to give the energy I was putting in a turbo boost, a great job all round.

Sitting having a cup of tea when the floor was all up it came to me that our lives are just like that, we can use up far too much energy working really hard doing things that are taken care of by the fabulous system behind life that makes them easy, giving the little you need to do, like showing up, a turbo boost.

By not taking advantage of this system we exhaust ourselves and then fail in places where we could do so much more.

The system will do the heavy lifting in life for you, life has a wonderful simplicity to it, it is innocently missing this simplicity or believing what we are up against isn’t taken care of by the system and is down to us, that has us burning out and stressing far more than anyone ever needs to in life.

In my example, I was doing far too much of the work not trusting the tools that were designed for the job to help me, once I let them do their bit, the job got immeasurably easier.

As we start to see how life really works we begin to see we can totally trust the system, trust that the three principles behind life will always do their part. They can be trusted 100% to be there and work in the same way always.

The simple system works and it works like this:

When you start to get tense or feel like you are doing too much, stop and look within. Look to what is creating your experience in the moment, resist the temptation to look outside for answers.

Then do nothing – that’s all – nothing. There is nothing to do, you don’t need to change your thinking or work on yourself, just do nothing.

Then relax into your wisdom. Once you are looking in the right direction and then you have done nothing, the place you will end up in is with a clear connection to wisdom with one agenda, to help you

From there with no hard work from you, you will get new thought, things will occur to you that make your life easier. Simple!


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