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Being in the here and now

Three times during the course of this morning, I saw posts about the Now (capital N, cos it’s important!) and I am feeling inspired to write…

The first post;
The only evidence of yesterday is thought created in the moment.
The only possibility of tomorrow is thought created in the moment.
The only moment is now. There will never be another moment only now.

The second post;
All we have is right now

The third post;

And I felt inspired to write a bit about Now……

We are very good at finding our thoughts wandering to the past, highlighting the mistakes we have made or the things we would do differently if only we knew…. And going into the future and imagining all the things that could go wrong or picturing how we think something should play out.

Have you ever noticed that when you do this, you feel the experience as though it is really happening… you feel nervous of an imagined future scenario, you feel sad about a past incident you would like to change, you feel excited about a holiday that you haven’t even booked yet, you feel happiness about an adventure you once had?

This is because we live in the feeling of our thinking. And none of those experiences are really happening. The only place that life is happening is right here, right now!

There is no technique I can offer to ensure you stay in the now, there is no ‘enlightened’ place you need to get to, to be in the now all the time. All I can suggest is that you keep in this conversation, in whatever way makes sense to you, and living in the now kinda just happens.


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