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During last week we had guests staying with us.

A single father with his two children.

They were two lovely children a four year old boy and his older sister.

One day we took the children out on their bikes. Sam as we will call the little boy, was loving riding his bike around the park and racing with his sister ~ until he lost his race ~

That’s when his temper tantrum began. The world wasn’t doing what he wanted it to do, what it looked to him like he needed it to do so he could be all right.

He was very upset and angry.

He wailed and he cried, he screamed at everyone and at no-one in particular.

His dad rushed in, as we do, to try and make it right.

There was no reasoning with Sam and no calming him down. In fact trying to do that seemed to make it worse.

In the end his dad just left him alone.

We walked over to the swings and started to play with his sister and enjoy ourselves.

Soon Sam’s wailing had much less conviction behind it.

After a while he wandered over to where he had thrown his bike down on the grass… he picked it up and started to push it slowly towards the play park.

He soon arrived at the fenced off area and rushed in enthusiastically jumping on the swings and rushing round looking for things to climb and play on.

The tantrum had passed.

Sam was back to sunshine and smiles. The world was ok again and so was he.

Nothing had changed except his thoughts. The race was still lost and the world was still turning.

We are just like Sam, only we believe that the races we lose are far more important and that we need to do more than just allow our minds to self right, like Sam’s dad had to with Sam.

But there is nothing that will calm a mind quicker than doing nothing to calm a mind. All the doing and the reasoning in the world will be rejected by a mind that is all revved up.

But we humans are funny things and doing nothing often seems to be the hardest thing to ask of ourselves.

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