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For those of you who don’t know, my middle daughter is getting married in April next year. Weddings are big business these days and not something you put together on a shoe string, in a rush…. not this one anyways! My daughter and her Fiance are paying for the whole thing themselves and its going to be an amazing affair a day to remember. Preparations are well under way already. It’s all very exciting.

I am very proud of my daughter, she has come a long way in a relatively short time, I think she and her fiance have what it takes to make a success of their marriage and they are most certainly going into this lifelong commitment with a brilliant attitude and a far clearer idea of what they are doing than I ever had!

All this flurry about weddings and watching my lovely daughter who is so sure of herself and happy had me thinking about my own wedding. What advice would the person I am today give to the me that got married way back when……….

…. Don’t be in such a rush to do this, you are young and you don’t know who you are yet.

…. You are doing this for all the wrong reasons ~ you don’t need someone else to love you, you just need to learn to love yourself!

…. All the insecurity you both feel won’t go away just because you are married ~ It will take more than that, an understanding that is inside of you, look there instead of to each other to fill the holes in your life.

…. Read books about spirituality, I know you have no idea right now what I am talking about, but just do it, they have answers you haven’t even imagined yet.

…. Be kind to yourself, this includes not constantly beating yourself up when you make mistakes. Just learn and move on you really don’t need the beating!

…. Trust yourself and be yourself! you are far more amazing than you know!

…. NEVER NEVER NEVER PEOPLE PLEASE ~ this will save you more heartache than anything else I say.

I love the book ‘Someone Should Have Told Us’ by Jack Pranskey.  But like he says how do you tell someone something you don’t know yourself?  I am sooooo eternally grateful that I have the opportunity to parent my daughter from such a beautiful understanding, She is going to start her married life with a much more realistic chance of being in a loving happy and healthy relationship than I ever did…

Good luck my beautiful lovely Laura from your very proud mum xxx




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