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What has this Warrior been up to on the quest for world peace?

This morning I received in my email inbox the latest Warrior re-cap email from Beccy,  It’s been a strange experience having documents I wrote sent back to me, but it’s been a good one.

I’m not sure how good my writing actually is, but I do know that it came from my wisdom at the time of putting it down on paper, and on the days when I’m feeling a little dis-connected its really been extremely helpful to me to read my own words back.

This morning the theme was all about Love, a subject very close to my heart. so I wanted to share a little segment from that with you and then add a bit about how I feel today…..

One of the first things I remember learning about love when I started
my spiritual understanding, was that love does not hurt.
I think I probably, on some level, sort of already knew it, but as I
started to understand more I kept seeing it more and more, love never hurts.

So what is love?

The way I see it is, we are love, its what we are made of, its what
 powers us, it’s who we truly are, then all the other things come from
that and after that.  Love comes first; it’s at our core.
Love is what’s there at the start and what’s left at the end, then we
can add in a whole lot of stuff in the middle, and even that, the stuff in
the middle, is created from the power of love, because love is the raw
material of everything.

Today as I read that I wanted to reiterate that LOVE NEVER HURTS, it doesn’t hurt us or other people. For all the years I believed I was in an UN-healthy relationship I thought love did hurt, but I can now see that it was always fear that hurt and never love. All the information we will ever need is in the feeling we are in, the problem arises when we misunderstand what the feeling is telling us, for example imagine the chaos if some of us thought a red light was telling us to go instead of stop!  All the information we needed was there, but we just misunderstood it. I made a short video explaining about your feelings and what they mean, you can watch it here if you want to. 

I’m loving making more of a conscious effort to be the peace I want to see in the world, sharing things with people I would probably, in the past have shied away from talking about, in case they laughed at me or thought I was nuts!

I believe all peace starts in our own hearts, and it comes from the love we are, if we’re filled with fear then we aren’t at peace within ourselves. It’s this fear that leads to all the unrest everywhere.  This is how we can all do our bit for world peace, by overcoming the fear we have within ourselves and becoming peace, or love, becoming the change we want to see in the world.

So the small thing I’ve done in the last few days is as best I can follow the feeling of love in me and not the fear, that has allowed me to speak out more freely about what I’m doing, and see how many wonderful people there are in this world who also want peace. This organically lead to us coming together on a free online call on Tuesday evening, sadly I didn’t manage to record it, but we are planning more….. if you want to join in and you aren’t on my mailing list add yourself here.

Peace in this world begins with one person….you.


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