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I love to be the dance.

For a while I went to Modern Jive lessons and to regular Modern Jive dances. I loved it.

Each week at the beginning of the lesson the teachers would get up on stage and start out by telling everyone “Jive was a male lead dance”.

This would be met by a whole host of jokey comments and laughing protests.

Even the lady teacher on stage would say “well let them think that anyway, us ladies know different.”

I wasn’t sure she was right… I love to be the dance.

Luckily for me I accidentally became a good ‘Jive lady’.

One of my very early dances was with an extremely talented dancer who said to me “just relax and let your intuition follow me”

I honestly had no clue what he meant at the time but I was in a good mood, relaxed and happy so I just went with it.

It was one of those most amazing experiences.

My body did things I had no idea it was capable of.

He lead I followed.

The dance was fantastic.

Later as I started to ‘learn’ what I was ‘supposed’ to do my dancing wasn’t the same, nothing matched that experience.

I realised that for me to enjoy Jive my role as the lady was to relax and to follow, allow my partner to take the lead.

Things would always come unstuck when I tried to get involved, if I tried to think and dance not dance with my intuition.

It could end up with a few laughs and some toes stepped on with an inexperienced lead, but for the most part ‘flow’ is the name of the game when you are dancing Jive in the followers role.

Jive is very much like life.

We are cast in the role of the follower.

Life is one of those most amazing experiences, when you just relax and allow your intuition to follow the lead it is being given. It’s probably best you have no idea what that means exactly…just relax and go with it.

We get into trouble when we mistakenly believe that we are the lead in this dance.

When we try to take over and to be in control. When we try to ‘think and dance’

It is an interesting question to ask ourselves why do we want so much to be in the position of control?

It seems that without questioning why, we have taken on the belief that lead is better than follow. That being in control is safer, better and the answer….

Could we possibly have this wrong I wonder.

With only a lead and no follow the dance simply wouldn’t work at all. Both look to me like equal partners that simply have different roles if either are missing then you have no dance.

I love to be the dance.

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