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I often find when I write a blog it’s about insights and I’ve seen something and it’s all great in lulu’s world.

Well, this past week all of us at Dare2BU, in some shape or form, have been feeling a bit “off” and where is the shame in that?
I found myself thinking ‘why do we always celebrate that we are feeling great and having a wonderful experience?.
Why not “get a bit real” here and say I’ve been feeling shit and down these last few days?’

This even lead to a tummy ache and a feeling of exhaustion – to my mind a way of telling me to have some rest from all the over thinking.

I think we very easily fall into the trap of believing, because we understand the principles, I shouldn’t feel this way. Well, hello! this is exactly the principles in action! It’s all being created from Mind no matter what that creation is.

And maybe this is an insight anyway – who knows!

Syd always said “if the only the thing we learnt was not to be afraid of our experience then that alone would change the world”

So here I am, not afraid of my thinking, playing all out and saying I’m human and I’ve felt crap this week.

It’s false that we are always going to feel happy.
What is true is we are always going to feel what we think.
And we don’t have any control over our thoughts, well I personally don’t feel like I sit around thinking “let’s feel angry today”.

When I feel “stuck” in a crappy feeling it’s pretty damn hard not to want to do something about it. It seems to go against our very nature to do nothing.
However, I know that the system behind life is always working to self correct, so doing nothing to interrupt that is the quickest way to feel better.

And yeah I guess our human part is always wanting to feel good, is there anything wrong with that? Who knows….

Lucy aka Lulu 

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