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When I was a little girl I went to Sunday school every Sunday.

We would sing hymns, I’m not a great singer so most of the time I would just quietly mumble and the words would become a blur to me.

One day many years later I had a moment of realisation about a hymn I had sung many many times. The words went something like this. ‘Sun moon and starts by day and night at Gods commandment give us light’.  I can’t count how many times I had sung those words and strangely never noticed what they meant. All of a sudden it popped into my mind,”Oh it means that God commands the sun to shine in the day to give us light and the moon and starts to do the same at night”.

The funny thing was until I knew what it meant I didn’t know that I hadn’t known what it meant.

Fast forward a few years and I had another experience of a similar kind.

I was driving my car on a pretty long journey and I was listening to the John Lennon song ‘Imagine’. I had heard and sung along to that song countless times. This time it was different, in that moment I suddenly really heard the meaning behind the words. “oh my goodness if we lived in the moment and stopped scaring ourselves with our thoughts of heaven and hell we could all live in peace!” I hadn’t realised what the song was about until that moment.

It was a huge moment for me.

There are so many places in our lives that we are just so familiar with whats happening around us that we have stopped seeing the possibility of what is there, if we ever really saw it in the first place.

One of the things that learning about the principles has taught me is that no experience we ever have is fixed, it is always possible to ‘see’ something differently. When we have a clearer mind we start to have space to see all sorts of things differently and hear more deeply what is being said to us.

That is what happened to me this week, this time with a word. Gratefulness. There has been a lot of talk about mindfulness and gratefulness they seem to be very ‘in’ right now. I suddenly saw behind the blur of the word grateful and heard ‘Great Fullness’. I saw that I always have enough, that I am always full of the greatness of being.

I shot over to my book case and grabbed a book I had read a few months ago by a lady named Lyn Twist Called The Soul of Money. I was sure I had heard her talk about ‘The Great Fullness’  I couldn’t find what I was searching for, but it didn’t matter. I had had my enlightening moment anyway. It feels like I heard it there and had an insight around it months later, but maybe that’s a story too!

I have decided to read the book again with my freshly opened eyes.

I saw that I don’t need to decide to ‘be grateful’ When I have a clear mind I am full of the greatness of my experience in that moment I have enough. It comes with a feeling of being enough, full of love peace and wisdom. If I chose to follow that lovely feeling it overflows from me and I have more than enough. This is a place of abundance or more than I need, from here I can give away all the love peace and wisdom that’s overflowing from me. Share it with anyone who wants it too.

Great fullness leads to thankful giving.

I can’t count how many times I notice that I have these little, but very defining moments, in my life now. They are split seconds that change everything. Insights. You will be having them too, its a human thing.They could be about anything, maybe something life changing, maybe something really ordinary.  Learning to see and understand what they are and what they mean for you and your life is what I am up to every day. That’s my journey. Heart of Life is all about.

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