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Happiness is a great feeling I love it when I’m happy, as do most of us I guess. But I have found that the real magic is in knowing and understanding where our feelings come from and what that means for us. This understanding takes us way beyond happy to true peace of mind and freedom.

Even though most of us strive for happiness, it is this peace of mind and freedom that we really crave.

Whenever I ask people where their feelings come from, I get a mixed reaction. Some say that feelings are an inside job and that they come from within us.

Others would say that our circumstances create our feelings and that we react to what’s going on around us that’s where our feelings come from.

When you observe people, despite what they might say, the place most people live from is a mixture of both. Sometimes attributing their feelings to what’s going on inside them, their own thinking and sometimes to circumstances outside of them.

Since I was lucky enough to come across an understanding of life and how it actually works I’ve realised that we always and only ever feel what we think, we live in the feeling of our thinking. Life is most definitely an inside job and the only place our feelings ever come from is our own thinking. We never feel our circumstances.

So happy thoughts create happy feelings and sad thoughts create sad feelings, it really is that simple.

It is the times that we believe our feelings come from our circumstances, other people or anything else outside of us that cause our unhappiness. The moment we see where our feelings come from we are headed back to peace and freedom.

It’s amazing that simply understanding has the power to bring more peace, love and freedom to our life than we ever thought possible. Nothing in our circumstances has to change for us to feel these things, now that is some kind of awesome magic!

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