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This is a transcript of a conversation I had earlier this week…


Hi Debs, I’m a little tired and struggling a bit… thinking a bit much. xxx


Hi lovely, as best you can love that you have a lot of thinking …don’t try to stop it, just love it in a peaceful way, it’s a beautiful sunny day and you are off out later. xxx


Yes thanks…still struggling having bad thoughts…I really don’t want to hurt myself but I am sitting looking at a knife…I’m going to make a coffee. xxx


Oh bless you, don’t worry this thinking will pass and it can’t harm you. Only you can do that with the knife.

Thought has done it’s worst, it’s appeared in your head, now you can choose to believe it and make it stronger by harming yourself, or see truth, you are stronger and you can love that thought.

It certainly won’t be expecting that.

It wants a fight because it knows it’s a fight it can win and does… often.

If you simply love it then you win but only every time.

Sending you all the love you need and an extra hug…

Dare2bu… the love that wins… not the fear that harms. Xxx ooo


Thank you I’m going to love me even more xxx xxx


Fabulous!! Love is always the answer!!

But it has to be true love not fear dressed as love…don’t be fooled! Xxx

Yes, I’m being true…not there yet! I like the saying fear dressed as love!


Yes it’s cool…fear tries to fool us!

We have to be very honest with ourselves…when thought has you in fear then it’s onto a winner when you have honesty and love then it’s no contest…pick your side. Xxx


It’s getting better I’m thinking of some stuff I want to sort over the weekend, I will send you a picture to show you when it’s done. Xxx


Fabulous, I look forward to seeing the pic…exciting. Xxx


I saw a poster the other day that said Jesus loves everyone! How do we know that’s true? Xxx


Well to me Jesus is just a metaphor for you or me… and underneath thought I love everyone and so do you… so to me I know it’s true. We all love everyone but we have the ability to create the illusion that we don’t and we believe the illusion and don’t see truth! Xxx


Cool! Xxx

I have seen and felt unconditional love! It’s wonderful You feel complete 2% isn’t enough ha ha xxx


No when we cover love with thought it feels pretty horrid! It’s just beautiful to share true unconditional love…it’s the best thing ever. Xxx


Feeling a bit brighter now! You wouldn’t think a thought could be so strong! Xxx


I know, remember they get stronger when you fight and weaker when you love. xxx

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