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I have spent a lot of the last 7 years with almost constant pain.   Since coming across the principles I have (only recently) seen how pain, physical pain, is not outside the principles.   I had real difficulty in coming to see how this could be.  Because when we experience pain, it feels sooooo real.  It is with you all the time, you carry it around with you, it’s not like a thought you can see as “just a thought”, it just didn’t feel like it was the same thing!

I then began to have little insights into my pain and to see how it cannot be outside the principles, but the feeling that it was real would still plague me.   So even knowing the principles, my thoughts would go to “how can this have been thought that has brought this pain into existence?”

Now here’s the thing, this is the massive insight I have had (only fairly recently); nothing, but nothing is outside of the principles including the physical body, right?  Everything in form is created by the power of thought.  So, it is impossible for pain NOT to have been created by the power of thought!  So physical pain and disease, or dis-ease as we often see it written, is also not outside the principles.

Seeing this, has changed my recent experience of pain, even when I am in the depths of physical pain, it is no different to me being in the middle of a thought storm, it’s one and the same.  I have come to just be and sit alongside my pain, just like I would do when my head is doing a number on me.  Then I see that even that is thought and there is no doing, there is no point in wishing things were different.   Resistance to acknowledging that things are just the way they are is also a doing.  Wishing I was not in pain, wishing I didn’t have my disease is also a doing.   We are resisting what is in the moment, which is the only cause of all suffering.   In this insight I have felt the freedom from being caught up in my thoughts about pain!

So my experience now is of the creation of the illusion of pain, that’s all it is.  How amazing is that!


Pain and the Three Principles

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