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I remember when I was small my Grandma used to read a story to me about a young newly married lady who lost her engagement ring.

The story followed the travels of the ring and how it helped someone and was then lost again. It helped countless people along its journey until one day a little old lady found it. You guessed it; the lady was the same one who the ring first belonged to.

She was thrilled and rushed home to tell her husband.

They looked at the ring and wondered where it had been all those years.

What it had seen on its travels and whose lives had been touched by it.

It simply wasn’t there’s to know.

Six years ago I began, rather clumsily at first, sharing what I had seen about Three Simple Spiritual Principles, telling the story of how the understanding of the mind they point towards has transformed my life and the lives of the people I care about the most.

I’ve been doing it one way or another ever since. I hope I’ve gotten better at it.

Last Friday I was traveling to a meeting with other people sharing what they have seen and how their lives have also been transformed.

I took a lovely lady with me to and from the meeting. I had only just met her a few days before. She told me she had come across The Three Principles a couple of years ago, how her life had been changed and how it has helped the people she loves the most too. It was a beautiful story and I was as always really glad she too had come across this wonderful truth about life.

When I asked her how she had heard about The Principles, she told me she had been lucky enough to hear it from a lady who was running a course to help empower women.

It turned out that the lady in question is a good friend of mine and had heard what she was sharing from me.

I couldn’t believe it, I was thrilled and very touched that this lovely lady had been helped by someone who had heard something from me.

After I dropped her off I let my mind begin to wonder…how many other people have had their lives transformed and set on a much healthier path because I was lucky enough to come across this amazing understanding and my life has been transformed?

Nothing happens in isolation and I then found myself going back to the man I heard it from, Jamie Smart.

And then the man he heard it from, Michael Neill.

I love that it is getting to a point where there are people out there whom I will never even meet but they have been impacted by something I heard from someone who had heard something from someone… it gives me great hope for the world that this understanding is spreading in this way and it makes me feel very humble that I am blessed enough to be a small part of it.

If you know someone who’s life this simple understanding could change, then please do share it in whatever way makes sense to you, it truly is transformational and you just never know when something you do will be the thing that makes all the difference to someone else.

Let’s keep this going until stress, anxiety and insecurity are all things of the past, there’s no more suffering and everyone has a life they love. That would be a wonderful legacy to leave to our children

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