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The Great Misunderstanding

There is One Truth.

From that One Truth life is created so it looks like there are two things One Truth and life.

But the two things are one. There can’t be two because there is only One Truth.

Without One Truth there would be no life because life is One Truth.

Life can’t be separated from One Truth, without One Truth life can’t survive.

We are innocently treating these two things as separate things.

We are trying to sustain life without One Truth.

That isn’t possible because life is One Truth, without One Truth there will be no life.

If we have plastercine there is only plastercine. If we build a house from our plastercine then there is a house and plastercine, but really there is still only plastercine.

If we decide we no longer want plastercine, so we try and eliminate it from our house then we will destroy our house because without plastercine then we have no house. If we fall in love with plastercine embrace and nourish our house with it then our house will thrive, it will be warm and comfy and protect us from bad weather.

We are trying to do the impossible; we are trying to have life without One Truth. It can’t happen and it will never happen. Trying to do that can only ever lead to misery. At our core we are One Truth if we try to separate from it we are tearing ourselves apart.

This is our greatest misunderstanding. We are tearing ourselves apart and wondering why we feel such pain!

A Moment of Realisation

I was busy writing some content for my Wisdom and Money course, minding my own business, as you do.

When suddenly out of the blue WHAM! It hit me, the oneness of life!

Not a bad hit for the middle of a Monday morning.

I wasn’t expecting it.

My heart was beating really fast.

I flew out of my chair and danced around my living room. (I have no idea why I am sharing this it won’t do my credibility any favours, but it is an upside to having so few people read your blog!)

I was crying and laughing at the same time.

My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest.

I’ve had a couple of insightful moments before but nothing as powerful as this one.

After a bit I sat back down my head feeling like it might explode, in a good way, there is a good way it seems!

I continued to write but my mind was no longer on the content I had been writing, it was full of oneness and how we are all made of the same stuff.

I picked up my phone, I wanted to call someone, share what had just happened, what was still happening. But I had no words.

I am still reeling from the experience. Its still kind of going on, the world looks very different. But normal activity has been resumed.

The strange thing is I thought I already knew about the oneness of life. Turns out I was wrong, I knew nothing!

I guess the next insight will prove I still know nothing!

But in the meantime I love the amazingly beautiful feeling of peace and happiness that I am in.


Have a fabulous day x



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