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Have you ever said to anyone ‘its just your thinking’ or had anyone say that to you???

If anyone has ever said that to you, especially when you are in the middle of what seems to you in that moment a very real issue that needs to be dealt with, then I am sure you will agree with me IT IS NOT HELPFUL!

It does not feel like ‘only’ anything. Thought can feel like a nuclear explosion in your head and quite frankly having seen the fall out in some people’s lives when thought has been misunderstood I know that the damage can be just as devastating.

The thing is before we make a throw away comment like ‘It’s just your thinking’ maybe it’s worth asking the question what is thought? What is it we are actually saying when we say it’s only though, what exactly is it only??

It is only something that can unleash the power of a nuclear explosion!

Maybe some understanding on how to work with that power would be useful??

I have found that understanding what thought is and its nature has been immensely helpful to me in keeping my nuclear weapon from being deployed and to clean up the fallout if it does go off.

I will share what I have found that was helpful.

Thought is a principle.

Thought is a spiritual gift that each and every one of us possess.

Thought is the medium through which we experience life.

Thought is energy.

Thought reminds me of the sea.

It can be calm, tranquil and beautiful.

It can be deep and mysterious.

It can be light and flowing

It can be angry and stormy.

It can be perilous, dangerous and take us to the very edge of our existence.

It can trick us. It can look like it is calm and inviting but have hidden dangers.

There are things about it that are beyond our comprehension.

It is mesmerising.

It dances and plays with us.

It is fun and exciting

It is miserable

It is awe-inspiring

It destroys

It creates

It can change in an instant

Just like we can sometimes believe that we have control over the sea, we can think the same of our thinking, but in the end the sea always proves to us we know nothing!

The tides of the sea will ebb and flow with no regard for what we want.

Human beings have built sea defences for centuries only to have them ripped away in one storm. It is pointless going to war with such a powerful enemy because in the end we will loose, but only always.

I am lucky enough to live in a very beautiful part of the world, the wild coast of North Devon. Living here has taught me that there is a way to live peacefully with the sea.

You have to have absolute respect

You have to know its nature.

However much you think you know, remember you know nothing. Even the most experienced of sea faring folk can be caught out by the unpredictability of the sea. Never forget that, if you do it won’t be very long before you are reminded.

It is the same with our thinking.

We need to have respect for the amazing power of the gift of thought.

Without the sea our planet would not be the amazing place it is.

Without thought we would have no experience.

With our metaphor of the sea, it ends with us being less powerful with nowhere to go with that except respect and acceptance. Which by the way is a lot, its very useful and just that much can save your life.

With thought we have something even better!!

The principle of thought is not the only spiritual gift we have been bestowed with, we have been gifted with two other principles one of which is the principle of Universal Mind.

Just like sleeping beauty in the fairy tale, although she was destined to fall asleep at the prick of her finger, she had a trump card, if she was kissed by her true love then all would be well, she would awaken to a fairy tail ending.

Well we have an even better trump card, a connection to the power behind all life, the intelligence that created the sea and thought and us and everything else in this universe and the universe itself.

With a connection like that all can never be lost!

And when you stop and look at it, for many of us out there it makes our life a whole lot easier than we imagined.

We were never designed to be in control of the principle of thought.

That was never our job, so we can stop doing that right now we can relieve ourselves of that duty.

We have something much better, a connection to a deeper Universal Mind that has the power to navigate us safely through any danger we may ever face. Even something with the force of a nuclear weapon.

We don’t have to be afraid, because with Universal Mind on our side we have our fairy tale ending all sewn up!

But thought, like the sea, is mesmerising. And any one of us, just like an experienced sailor, can forget what we know and be taken off guard.

So maybe next time you are tempted to say to someone ‘its only your thinking’ stop and look at exactly what we are all up-against. Maybe there is room for a little more compassion until we know we are safely on dry land even and especially if that someone is you!

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