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The sound of music

This morning I was lying in bed, it’s cold and early and as usual I’m tryin to not open my eyes yet, just wanting to have 2 more minutes sleep before the alarm goes and I absolutely have to get up to this one or I’ll be late for work. I’m sure you can relate to this!

Then suddenly my mind starts “thinking” & for whatever reason I am seeing how little control we have in life. How we are being breathed, we are being lived, we are so much more beyond our “little mind”. We are part of this huge intelligence, that’s operating all things in nature, which includes us humans.

And what came to mind for me as a way of explaining this was the film “the sound of music” and if you have ever seen it you may remember that as some point the children put on a puppet show.

And boy do they have some fun with it. I can picture the children’s smiley faces, really enjoy the simplicity of making the puppets dance around, pulling their strings to make them move & create the characters.

I’ve no idea if the little man or the goats have any clue that they are being controlled by a string or if they think they are responsible. If they fall off the stage it’s no big deal because they are safe they are attached to the strings they are always going to be ok and are goin to get back up again.

And it looks like that to me in this game of life we are playing. We are the innocent puppets, dancing through life, not realising we are actually being guided by the strings that are holding us securely all the time, even when we stumble and fall we can be secure in the fact that there is some bigger intelligence out there holding the strings. We are resilient as human beings it’s built into our system and we will always bounce back up.

By The Lovely Lulu

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