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You are made of the divine intelligence that created this entire universe. That divine intelligence could also be called love or peace or happiness or freedom. That’s what you are, you don’t ‘get’ any of these things they are the essence of who you truly are.

You are made of the divine intelligence that created this entire universe because it is everything; there is no-thing that’s not it.

So the essence of the thingness of you has to be it. There is nothing else.

All things that exist are made from this same substance.

All that doesn’t yet exist is this same substance holding the entire promise of what it might become. There is nothing outside of it and nothing that isn’t it.

As you begin to see this is the truth of your own nature it has an effect on your life.

We all want to be what we truly are. That is our greatest desire. We might know this we might not. It makes no difference. It is what we all want.

We either know we are divine intelligence and everything we do starts to be about sharing the love that overflows as it knows itself in everything.

This becomes our life and it’s a great life. It helps our relationships our parenting our business and work life… all of it gets better.

Or we don’t know and we search and search for it in everything we see hear feel taste and smell around us. Everything we do starts to be about finding love.

As we search every time we get a glimpse of the love that we are it looks as if it’s coming from outside of us, from something that was happening as we saw it.

We struggle and strive to create more of those moments at any cost.

When we fail to find love we believe that the failure came from what was happening when we felt lost and scared.

We struggle and strive to avoid more of those moments at any cost.

This becomes our life and it’s a life of struggle stress and misery. Our relationships suffer our parenting suffers our businesses and our work suffers…all of it is a struggle.

Most of us have experiences of both of these things and we live a life of yo-yoing between the knowing and the not knowing.

The more we understand our true nature the more the yo-yoing stops or stops meaning anything, either way more and more of our life is good and continues getting better.


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