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Imagine you have had a busy day… you come home grab your favourite hot drink and sit on your really comfy sofa. It has the softest of cushions and you relax…so much so you drift gently off to sleep.

At some point you start to dream.

In the dream you are in charge of twenty children at a party all having fun.

In your dream your phone rings and it’s the parents of one of the children saying they can’t pick their child up as arranged and could you please bring her home. 

You agree happily and go back to the fun.

Over the next ten minutes or so your phone goes crazy… all of the parents, one by one, call and say they can’t pick up their child.

So you are now left with twenty children who need to get home. Some are tired and cranky, some are still excited and running round. The fun suddenly goes out of the afternoon. You are responsible for them all.

The day is now looking very stressful and you are feeling overwhelmed. There’s way too much for you to do.

And yet if you don’t do it what will happen to all these children???

You start to try and sort things out and do your best to get them all home safely. Your nerves are shot and you are exhausted. Your head is mush from the sheer magnitude of the problem.

But there is no way you will stop until every child is home, where they should be.

Then you start to wake up.

The children fade and the room comes back into focus. You start to feel the soft comfy cushions behind you and you snuggle into the sofa, realising it was a dream and there are no children that need to be looked after… The relief washes over you and you smile.

Your eyes soon get heavy again and you are back in the dream, but this time you know it’s a dream so you don’t get so stressed you just go with what is. Your job is to do your best to get the children home. Your mind is clear and ideas flow in.  You and the children are fine, even within the chaos.

You are now safe in the knowing that as you wake up you will see that all the children were simply dreamed and the ‘problem’ always had a solution.

Waking up to truth is just like this. It makes things available to you that you just didn’t see when you were asleep to them even being a possibility.

As we wake up to the dream of life a whole new world full of infinite possibility wakes up with us.

May 2019 be a year of waking!

With love, Deb x

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