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Last night I was thinking about how we all have innate value within us. Yet so many of us believe our selves to be not good enough, lacking in some way or down right worthless.

I spend a lot of time pointing people to their intrinsic value.

If only we had a way to ‘know‘ that we are all worthy.

My train of thought went something like this;-

Imagine if when a baby was born it got a value tag… a bit like a price tag, but marked up with the value of that person.

Every tag would be the same.

Because we all have the exact same inherent value.

We are all made from the same stuff. The creative potential of the universe; divine spiritual energy; whatever you want to call it, we are all made from it and we can never not be what we are made from.

If we all had that value tag when we were feeling worthless in some way we could look at it and be reminded of our self-worth.

It would be there so we would remember the value we were born with and can never lose.

This value is not something we have to work to get; it’s ours already it came with the package at birth.

We don’t have to be someone special, or do anything at all, we don’t have to have anything or go anywhere, find anything or learn anything we have this value just because we are here and alive, that makes it ours.

Just because we don’t feel this value doesn’t mean it’s not there.

We don’t always feel the sunshine, but if it were really missing then life would be a whole different ballgame…

When something is there and we start to look for tag heuer replica grand carrera calibre 36 rs caliper watch it we start to see the evidence of its existence.

I invite you to look for your self-worth. Look within yourself and see what you find…..

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