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So you’re just bumbling along and you can see the role of thought, as you are aware of how life unfolds day to day.   Oh those days before I knew the principles, when I thought I knew who I thought I was. When I believed that I knew what everyone was thinking, and what they thought about me and how I knew how to fix other people’s problems.  I could see what the difficulty was, I could see because I believed I thought I knew. Then coming across the understanding that is the 3 Principles, I realised I didn’t see, I didn’t know, and it sort of, well, completely blew my mind, and gave me the freedom to see the role of thought in the creation of my human reality.  I got This!

Then one day, I’m skipping along like Little Red Riding Hood with her basket of goodies in the woods, AKA “La La Land”, and a little thing happens; thought sneaks in under the door, through the crack in the window and before you know it, it’s residing in your head.  You don’t even know its there but it’s lurking.

Then another little thing happens and another thought is planted.  Ok so I am seeing this thought for what it is, I don’t have to believe it. But somehow it has its feet under the table and is quietly residing on the edges of my consciousness.

Then you notice your mood has changed you are doing things the way you “used to” and you’re aware you think you have sunk beyond redemption.   Your thoughts are running riot and your head is full up! Clarity and wisdom appears to have deserted you and old habits – long forgotten – creep in.  Tears flow, anger rises! How did that happen! It is easy to believe that something on the outside of me has done this to me.

So it fleetingly crosses your mind that there is something to be done.  Ok I know; I can unthink this. I see the design of life, I see the way we create our reality, so I can uncreate this.  Even when I am thinking this I know it’s not how it works, but by now thoughts are relentless. I can almost hear them laughing at me!  Arghhhh. The thought storm is real I am in it and I am buffeted and blown about, reeling from this reality before me.

This is what has been happening to me over the last few days.   Ah but I know what to do.

No I don’t know what to do.  

Someone reminds me, I hear something,  Oh wait, I am the creative intelligence of the universe!  It had slipped my mind, busy with a million thoughts.

The truth of who I am is that I lack nothing, I have everything within me that I need, these thoughts are just creating my reality, they are not my reality.    

Then my wisdom kicks in.  There is nothing to be done, nothing to think about.  

I do nothing.  

I observe, I See thought for what it is.  Then I really see thought for what it is and do nothing.  Yet doing nothing is almost a doing. The paradox of the created human reality.  

But my mind begins to clear, begins to quieten. I can feel it will pass, I “know” it will pass.  I give it time. It passes. “It” was never real. Helloooooo …..!!

Julie x


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